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Why work with us?

Our Owner is Working on Site.  We are a growing company with a dedicated team led by Owner/Operator, David Vogel.  He has built this company from the ground up, working in the field is where he excels.  With on site management you can be confident that experience, quality and passion are a part of your project.

Designing for Function.  With function as a foundation we also take in to account all seasons of the year and consider what will look beautiful throughout the year. At first new plantings may look “inadequate or underscaled”, but we know that a common mistake is to over plant for “immediate results”-resulting in an overgrown, unhealthy and potentially damaging situation after only one year of growth.

A "Work Smart" Attitude.  From design to construction we implement a do it right the first time mentality. From a functional design to a proper plan of attack we have the experience and know how to ensure efficiency and correct construction techniques.

Professional Equipment.  To perform a project fast and efficient proper equipment is needed.  We have top of the line trucks and equipment specifically outfitted for the sole purpose of landscape construction.  With an on-staff mechanic and our equipment is tuned and ready to tackle any project.

Professional Courtesy.  We place the highest level of respect for our clients and their property.  We know that there is nothing worst than "leaving a mess"  of your home, or not showing common courtesy.  Time is money so we respect your time and that means we show up on time.  In all aspects of service we emphasize communication and training to ensure our clients receive the best experience with our skilled staff.

Service and Value.  We believe that our work speaks the value we provide, and budget our services honestly and accordingly to ensure the level of quality that we stake our reputation on.